Super Affiliate System – Is it legit?

Super affiliate System 2.0 Review

What is Super Affiliate System?

Affiliate marketing is ever-changing, to be successful in this industry you should take training courses routinely, like Super Affiliate System. Super Affiliate System is a paid ad affiliate marketing training course which was created by John Crestani about three years ago.

Also, Super Affiliate System is another course by John, Internet Jetset; both developed to educate affiliate online marketers: professionals and beginners.

While Internet Jetset teaches FREE methods of getting traffic in affiliate marketing, Super Affiliate System upsell teaches paid advertising.

Super Affiliate System is a 6-week ads training course that takes you through the fundamental, and advanced strategies of affiliate marketing, to be successful on more prominent online forums: Facebook and Google.

In this course, each location contains one to 2 video by John Crestani and features other effective affiliate marketers.

This course uses training from the very best affiliate marketers, with webinars, and projects to release your affiliate organization.


Super Affiliate System

Who IS John Crestani?

John Crestani is a 29 years old successful affiliate marketer from Santa Monica, California, a school drop-out. He used the chance to develop a $500 thousand a month organization when he got fired from his task.

He started as an entrepreneur by offering items on eBay. However, it did not last long, PayPal closed down his business as his products were not approved by then.

John went back to school, and hacked test responses with his knowledge of internet which he offered to his good friend for profit. John was captured and expelled from the school. Next, with the experience he got reading:

– The 4 hour work week and,
– Expanded and upgraded.

John found a marketing job in a pay-per-click company in Los Angeles. After working hard for a while, and handling over 20 customers, John asked his boss for a raise and soon lost his task.

After this John turned to affiliate marketing, he began ad campaigns which he sent out to his followers to replicate his outcomes. By doing this, he started his affiliate marketing service.

Precisely what’s Inside The Members Area?

The member area includes course products and courses for each of the 6-weeks training.
Undoubtedly, in the member location, members can control their subscriptions, and get updates on Super Affiliate System. Other details are:

– Targeting data
– Advertisement swipes
– Presell pages, and
– $897 of network coupons for paid traffic

There’s so much more inside the member’s location which you can get access to as soon as you buy this course.

How Does Super Affiliate System Work?

In this Super Affiliate System Review, I will reveal you how Super Affiliate System works, and how it’s related to Internet Jetset.
Like I pointed out previously, Internet Jetset training course teaches you FREE traffic approaches on Facebook Social Media Marketing, Google SEO, and YouTube Video Marketing, to grow your affiliate company.

Honestly, with internet Jetset, you can make your very first commission as a novice online, if you strictly follow this course.

Internet Jetset gets you started with the basics of Affiliate Marketing. Web Jetset has two primary upsells; Xtreme Case Study Archive, & Super Affiliate System.

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System training is a 6-week training course with videos, with a one-time payment of $997. Again, this upsell schools you on the best ways to utilize paid traffic methods and earn money with affiliate marketing.

Also, Super Affiliate System is the main dish John Crestani concentrates on; it is a total course that focuses on paid traffic techniques to grow affiliate organizations. Below is the breakdown of the six weeks, and the topics taught.

Affiliate Marketing

Week 1: System Setup

In this very first week, John begins the training; he made it extremely obvious. You will discover ways to set up all the elements essential to your business. This consist of:
– Setting A Goal
– Joining Affiliate Networks
– Setting Up Your Website
– Setup Facebook Ads
– Setup Presell page

Week 2: Success Skills

Today’s focus is on strategy and preparation. The following are the essential things you will find out:
– The business owner mindset
– How to research your specific niche
– How to choose your deal
– How to pick your Advertisement Network
– How to network efficiently

Week 3: Marketing Skills

In this week, the sole training focus is on improving your copywriting abilities, one of the most crucial skills you should have as a marketer.

Copywriting impacts virtually everything, from your blog posts to your homepage, to your sales page, to your Facebook Ad, and lots of more. Equally, the training consisted of are:

– How To Write Good Copy
– Advanced Copywriting Tactics
– How To Optimize Ads
– Advanced Optimization Tactics

Week 4: Facebook & Google Ads

For this week, John will teach you:

– How to establish Facebook Ads
– Facebook Ads compliance
– Important metrics in marketing
– How to set up a Google Adwords campaign

Week 5: Native & YouTube Ads

With the training coming to a close, you will discover how to establish:

– MGID Native Ads
– Outbrain Native Ads
– Voluum DSP Native Ads
– YouTube Ads

Mind you, Native Advertising merely suggests the use of paid advertisements that will match the appearance, operate and feel of the media format they will appear in.

Generally, they are those ads that blend in with the contents, such as an article, so they will not look apparent– like Advertisement banners.

Week 6: Scaling & Outsourcing

To round up, after you discover this marketing skills, and paid traffic techniques, for the last action you will learn the best ways to scale and automate your service. Therefore Week 6 will focus on:

– How to utilize survey funnels?– a method to enhance your conversions
– How to scale your project from $1K to $20K?
– How to use media purchasers?
– 2 Case Studies

Super affiliate System Review

Extra Resources

Apart from the primary 6-week John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System training provides you with other valuable resources, such as:
– Targeting Data– Lists of potential customers’ Email addresses organized into different specific niches
– Advertisement Swipes– Advertisement copy example screenshots arranged into various niches
– Presell Pages– Ready-made ClickFunnels sales pages
– Affiliate Networks– Top advised affiliate networks to join
– Advertisement Networks– Top recommended Ad networks to sign up with + Advertisement network discount coupons
– Support

Super Affiliate System has 3 main kinds of assistance:

1. Assist Desk
2. Email Support
3. Facebook Group

John personally addresses member’s questions in the group. The success of John Crestani in affiliate marketing is enough to make you buy this course today.

With Super Affiliate System, your affiliate marketing skills, and tools will get an uptick and guarantee you start making 6 figures in a few months.

Those who succeed in life are people to take opportunities, even when people do not believe in them. Write your fate with Super Affiliate System today.

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